Sales-driven software

Turn meaningful data into profitable action

Stats don't make purchases, individuals do. Traditional 'email marketing' software focues on analysing email performance. Obviously useful. But counting clicks tells you about your email performance, it doesn't identify sales opportunities.

sendee gives you a platform to deliver punchy emails that get attention and link to valuable content on your website. Content your target demographic will find interesting/ rewarding/ useful. Content that'll inform, persuade and funnel leads toward a sale.

Then you get back data that you can use to actually take action:

  • A list of hot leads ripe for following-up
  • The content these leads engaged with
  • Detail down to the individual that 'big data' can't provide
  • Real time contact data for named prospects as they land

Arming yourself with this data will maximise the effectiveness of follow-up sales efforts.

Why count clicks when you can make sales? Get in touch

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