Still monkeying about with 'marketing' emails?

Stop sending and start selling

An effective email delivers a clear and engaging message that grabs inbox attention to get a response. After all, if your emails aren't generating sales then what are they doing?

Sales-led emailing has an entirely different strategic approach than fire-and-forget newsletter-based marketing. Focus on seamless integration with your sales process. Be agile, responsive and strategic with your sending. Send when your message will be most effective and you've the resources to follow-up leads.

Focus on making sales not chasing clicks

Imagine sending emails and, instead of just measuring its performance, you get back a list of the most engaged recipients. A list with contact details and what content a prospect has engaged with. That's vital information for timely follow-up and closing sales.

sendee does all this without you having to make a costly investment in time, money or resources. Perfect for busy SMEs.

1 Build

2 Send

3 Sell

50 per month for 20,000 contacts and 100,000 sends
That'd cost at least £120 a month with a certain well-known newsletter software
Create and send effective sales email in minutes and start turning prospects into hot leads. Build better email

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