Sending to sell

Time for a fresh look at email?

Traditional software treats email solely as marketing and almost entirely based around newsletters. So it's easy to fall into that trap — a weekly information-heavy email is sent out to a vague list of prospects, entirely disconnected from any sales efforts.

Clicks are dutifully counted, and… nothing. Where's the return? What's next? Same again the following week?

Be focused, be agile and integrate email with your sales efforts. Send emails right when they're needed, to specific targets and follow-up the right leads. It's what sendee is designed for.

With sendee it's quick and easy to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time:

  • Target the right demographic mix
  • Clone campaigns for fine-tuning messages to demographics
  • Send immediately or schedule for later
  • Deliver HTML emails coded to display well across all devices
  • Deliver emails that include a plain-text fall-back
  • Send via infrastructure optimised for high delivery rates
Forget passively sending newsletters Send to sell

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